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Chatilla van Grinsven inspires Moroccan orphans

Basketball Forward, Chatilla van Grinsven travels to Morocco as the founder of Children’s Hope United Foundation to visit all the orphans supported by CHU in the orphanages. In this video she shares her joy with the children through sport, and passionates them to reach higher ends.

Chatilla van Grinsven visits the orphans in Morocco! Here is what she says about her journey, and check out the video:

“I spend the past few days touring Morocco, and visiting children in orphanages in the city Fez supported by Children’s Hope United Foundation. Pretty incredible to see how ones act of good deed can inspire so many little children to dream even bigger dreams. They say: ‘They want to become like me’. I remember once upon a time…I once was that child with big dreams, only I was one of the “lucky” ones to have had the opportunities growing up to become what I dreamed off. So we are now raising & collecting money to fund a basketball field next to this orphanage. Donations will be excepted on Here is a little video to share with you guys at the orphanage. These smiles can only RAISE YOU HIGHER!!!”

For more information, go to and like “Childrens Hope United Foundation” on Facebook.

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