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Chatilla van Grinsven is a world-class professional basketball player and has been recognized as a prominent member of the Dutch National Team throughout her career. She has accumulated numerous honours over the years such as the NCAA Atlantic-10 conference championship, France championship, voted Big-5 Player of the Year, won the Roosevelt Hunter Community Service Award and is an NCAA Woman of the Year Award nominee in the United States; awarding her distinctive performance in the class-room, on the basketball court, and her excellent service in the community.


Van Grinsven has a Bachelor Degree in International Business from Saint Joseph’s University (USA) and collected her Master Degree at the University of London, SOAS, in Global Diplomacy (Politics) with the focus on human rights and the United Nations (UN).


Van Grinsven currently studies at the ‘Paul Dekker Meisner Acting Academy’ in the Netherlands. She is focussing on the craft of acting as well as stunt acting. Chatilla van Grinsven is being coached by the well-respected Paul Dekker, and has been trained by Hollywood stunt men as well as in the professional fight-scene by World Champion coaches. She aspires to combine her acting skills with her fight-craft in the film scenery. While van Grinsven dedicates her time to become a next-level actress, she aspires the way in the model industry as well.


You can also book van Grinsven as a motivational speaker. There are many parallels between professional team sports and business life. She knows how to convey this to her audience in an interactive and fresh way. How do you deal with performance pressure? How do you act in the interests of the team? Or what else is there to make a team function optimally? These are the kind of questions, which Chatilla can tell you about in her own passionate way.


Throughout her career she has been an active advocate for human and animal rights and is determined to use her platform as a voice for the voiceless. Living in Philadelphia, van Grinsven became an active member of the “Heart of a Hawk” service program, where she dedicated her free time to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia while also serving food to the homeless people with the help of several local non-profit-organizations. Today she is an Ambassador for the Dutch political party PvdD (Party for the Animals).


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